On this website we are going to talk about all your travel options when it comes to destinations all over the world. Expect to see articles on everything from vacation properties in Mexico to a London Ontario funeral home director for example, all categorized by continent. As a prelude to the specific information available in our articles, we are going to take a look at the continents in a general overview, introductory section. In this section, we take a look at the attractions of Africa.

Odds are that when you think Africa, the first thing that comes to your mind is wildlife viewing. Africa has been marketed to countries all over the world as the premier destination for wildlife watchers of every shape and size, from someone who's version of a wildlife safari is travelling in the subway system to a person living in a small village in southern Asia, who encounters their own struggles with nature every day. Part of the reason is the sprawling Serengeti plains and similar sub-Saharan landscape. The wild parts of Africa make for ideal habitat for the most diverse populations of animals on the planet. Best of all, these animals are generally easy to access and view on the wide, flat savannah.

The main National Parks in Africa, which see the most tourism each year, include those found in Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa. These countries are largely stable, politically speaking, although South Africa continues to have the highest crime rates of any country in the world. If you're used to the safeness of a home you'll want to read our articles on staying safe in these countries. Still, the areas which attract tourists each year are generally safe as any government seeks to protect this important staple in their economy.

Although most people are likely to think about sub-Saharan, continental opportunities when it comes to African tourism there are great draws all over the continent. The Sahara itself plays host to some of the most fascinating tourist focused activities to be found; resorts complete with hotel WiFi play host to travellers who trek through the sprawling desert on the backs of camels for week long safaris.

To the north of the Sahara lies the country of Egypt. In itself, this country has had as much impact on the development of mid eastern civilization as any country in Europe to the west. In fact, as many of the aspects of Western culture are founded on the Biblical histories as on anything else, so the country of Europe has a special appeal for the western tourist as well. Here, some of the Seven Wonders of the World can be found in the form of the Great Pyramids. Tourists are drawn to Cairo and other locations in Egypt and often cruise the Nile and other hot spots. Tunisia is also becoming a country making its mark as an upscale tourist destination. If you're out of finding things to do locally, maybe it's time to try somewhere really exotic.

There are plenty of beaches in Africa for the sun loving tourist, but it is best to stay within established resorts. Island countries such as Zanzibar (actually a half of Tanzania) and Madagascar make for unique and tropical style trips, but one has to do some research to ensure a good time.

Tourism in Africa does go beyond wildlife viewing, but outside of the major safari stations and countries tourists do need to exercise caution. Political instability, crime, and poverty are rampant in most countries in the continent, thus the investments available, as far as property, need to be approached with more caution.

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