Chattel Exclusions

While most of us feel that there is much more to life than the things that we own, it's sure that you have some possessions that mean something to you. This might include an antique china cabinet that marks the first purchase you made as a married couple or a chandelier that has been in the family for over a hundred years. When you're listing your home for sale with your Mississauga real estate agent you will want to make sure that they and potential buyers know what items you're leaving with the home and what's included in the sale.

Chattels refer to items in the home that are movable, opposed to things that are fixed in place. They could include a flat-screen television that is currently bolted onto the wall or the stainless steel appliances that are in the kitchen. This is different from a fixture, which is something that has been added to the home but would cause damage if it were removed. This would include a built-in dishwasher or the faucets.

One of the things that can take up the most time during the negotiation process is the chattel and fixtures if they are not properly explained right up front in the listing. If people are looking at all of the homes for sale and select your property from the bunch because of the hot tub outside or the set up of the kitchen than they will likely want those things to remain after their purchase. If you're planning to take those items with you than you should make sure that your agent and all of those showing the home know that in advance.

One of the items that have become the most confusing in recent years when it comes to the difference of chattels and fixtures is wall-mounted televisions. When you see them they appear to be a permanent fixture that cannot be removed. But the truth is that it is just the mount itself that is attached to the wall. The television in that listing can be easily removed and taken with the sellers.

If you have some items that you might want to take with you but are not especially attached to than you might want to use them as bargaining chips during the negotiation process. If you're looking to get a better price for your property among homes for sale than you could think about including some of the nicer and more valuable pieces that are found inside. Some people have even gone so far as to include a car or a boat on a water property with the sale of their home to make it more enticing.

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