On this website we are going to talk about all your travel options when it comes to destinations all over the world. Expect to see articles on everything from Puerto Vallarta vacation real estate to hotel reviews if you're visiting this site, all categorized by continent. As a prelude to the specific information available in our articles, we are going to take a look at the continents in a general overview, introductory section. Here, we talk about the Americas.

North America

North America contains two of the most developed countries in both Americas, including the world leader in economic production, the United States of America. Despite the fact that the northern part of the continent includes both Canada and the United States, you will still find plenty of wide open spaces for the recreationally minded when it comes to tourism. Deserts and a coastal rainforest, whale watching, deep sea fishing, and wildlife watching are all popular outdoor activities and destinations in these two countries. Those who have homes on the bluffs have quite a different view than even people living in city condos only 40kms away. There is tons of cottage home plans available for those wishing to make repeat visits.

You will also find some of the most popular city destinations to be found in the world; New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago, Montreal and other metropolises are all found in these two countries.

And then of course there is the tropical/desert country of Mexico. Mexico is the popular vacation spot for both Americans and Canadians. Even a condominium on Toronto's waterfront won't compare to what is available both to own and to rent for vacation purposes and the country is becoming more popular as a destination every year; five star resorts and accommodations abound.

Central America

Despite the fact that it contains some of the most lush rainforests and most beautiful beaches around, the countries of Central America tend to be downplayed as vacation destinations. It may be because many of the countries have very poor populations and when you think of a romantic boat trip, it would need lagoon cleaning before making it sanitary. This is not always true. Whatever the case, the opportunities in this region are diverse. Continental countries such as Honduras, Belize, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua certainly have their share of aesthetic appeal, but high crime rates have traditionally kept tourist levels down. If you're used to the safety of King west condos you just need to do some research before arriving.

South America

South America probably has more biodiversity than either of the other Americas. Home of the Amazon River and rainforest, this continent has long been a symbol of environmental movements the world over, from preservation to the use of treatment chemicals to create more clean water sources. Brazil, Peru, and Argentina continue to be the most popular destinations. They contain an incredible amount of opportunities for today's tourist, both naturally and in terms of the human developed.

Known as Latin America, the countries of South America have a lot of appeal for the tourist in that they contain rich culture and cultural celebrations as well as the natural diversity to be found throughout the continent (while tropical parrots inhabit the north, you can expect to see penguins when you visit the south!). Several popular cities include Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, and Buenos Aires. If you like to leave behind your home for a festival or holiday every year, maybe it's time to experience the real thing. While several countries are considered safe and well developed (including Argentina and Peru) several others contain slightly more risk for the tourist or the vacation property owner. Venezuela, in particular, is known for its hostility towards tourists and Rio de Janeiro contains some of the most dangerous neighbourhoods on the planet.

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