Smoke Free Policies

It's taken quite a few years but many public establishments can finally start to make a stand when it comes to the effects of first and second hand smoke and are making their indoor environments smoke-free. Eighty percent of airports fall under this category and there is no longer any smoking allowed when you fly. Those planning their vacation or business trip might want to check into smoking policies for hotels, restaurants, and modes of transportation before making their final travel plans. If you are used to smoking in your home or want to make sure that you are not exposed to too much smoke, here are some tips on smoke-free travelling.

Your accommodations are going to be one of the most important things when it comes to deciding whether or not you want your trip to be smoke free. When you're researching hotels it's important to get specifics on what they mean by smoke-free rooms and public areas. If you work for a dentist (Whitby, Ontario based as an example) and you're working an off site event than you will want to make sure that the rooms you're working in are smoke free and that smoke cannot travel in from another location in the building.

While you will still not find many hotels, especially outside of North America, that are completely smoke free, there are many that block off entire floors for those that don't wish to be exposed to smoke. If you're set on staying in a place where smoking in totally outlawed indoors you might want to look into alternative accommodations like renting a house or staying in a bed and breakfast in Charelston. Whether you're travelling to a conference on new developments in class actions Canada or are heading off on safari you definitely want to feel comfortable where you're staying.

New laws are being put in place throughout the world in regards to smoking in different businesses and you might want to take the time to learn about the latest policies when you're travelling to a foreign place. While you will find many cities that don't allow smoking in restaurants and public buildings you might find that smoking is allowed at night in bars or on outdoor patios. If your doctor or specialist has diagnosed you as being allergic to smoke these little details will be very important when planning your trip.

The policy when renting a car or taking a train will also change in regards to smoking as you move throughout the world. If you're taking the train you will find that your travel experience will be smoke free. But, if you're renting a car in Europe you could discover that there are many options for smoking vehicles.

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